Our own pumpkin patch! — 2021/22 ~ Primary3/4/5 ~ Miss MacDonald

The Gardening Skills group enjoyed harvesting our pumpkins today! We are so proud of our giant and tiny pumpkins! They are being stored safely until after the holidays! Thanks very much to Loch Ness Pumpkins for donating the seeds!

Our own pumpkin patch! — 2021/22 ~ Primary3/4/5 ~ Miss MacDonald

Pupil Profiles

I hope you are enjoying having a look at your child’s profile and chatting through these- the P6’s have them on their Chromebooks and the P5’s have their physical red profiles. Feel free to add any achievements your child has succeed with over the summer holidays or over the last couple of months! Can the red profiles be returned by Thursday the 7th please, thanks.

P5/6 Newsletter

w/b 6th September 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

My name is Mr Haston and it’s a pleasure to be writing to you all! I cannot believe that we are in week four of term already as I am writing this. Here is an overview of what Primary 5/6 will be engaging with throughout the term! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have questions or queries!

Literacy and English

Reading & Writing: 

This term, the focus will be on reading and writing for information. Pupils will read and discuss non-fiction texts as well as improving their writing of instructions, reports and recipes.


Each day the spelling activities focus on different skills. For the rest of the term the children will focus on the short vowel sounds, listening for the sounds and syllables in words, revising basic grammar (nouns verbs, adjectives, adverbs) and growing root words by applying prefixes and suffixes.


This term, the pupils will be looking at various areas of numeracy and mathematics. We will be spending some time recapping and becoming familiar with place value (the value of each digit in a number) before moving on to cover addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Shape & Measure:

On a Monday and Wednesday, the class will be looking into shape and measure with Miss Paige and Mrs McLean. As part of measure, the pupils will begin with length.

Health & Wellbeing

Working with Mrs Laird on a Friday morning, the class will have an in-depth look at the wellbeing indicators. As part of the first term the class will set learning targets for themselves rooted in the wellbeing indicators. They will set goals to help them achieve their targets and self-evaluate as to how successful they have been.

Physical Education:

P5/6 are taught PE by Mr McAndrew every Monday and by myself on a Thursday. He is going to focus on field games and ball skills through rugby and I will seek to reinforce this in my lessons in different contexts such as football/rounders.

Physical Activity: 

P6/7 are determined to keep going with “The Daily Mile” on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The idea is that they raise their heart rates with non-stop walking, jogging and/or running for fifteen minutes.  

Modern Languages: French and Gaelic

The pupils have been focusing on colours in French. We will go on to explore other French speaking countries where the pupils will choose a country and explore the similarities and differences between it and Scotland. They will then have the opportunity to present their findings to their class peers and the younger years.

Religious and Moral Education

The class will be engaging with RME on a Wednesday with Mrs McLean where the class will be looking at journeys and pilgrimages.


Pupils maintain three sections of their profiling on a weekly basis: “What stuck with me this week,” “Learning Conversations” (including personal target setting) and “Wider Achievements.” All P6 profiles are online, and can be accessed at any time on the ChromeBooks.  Please ask your child to share these with you. P5 profiles are kept in a folder and jotter.  These will be issued at the end of each term for parents to see progress and add their contributions to.

Class Blog

Please remember to look at the P5/6 class blog for learning and event updates via https://2021primary56.wordpress.com/ and also remember to follow the school news blog for all up to date school information; https://202122gupsnews.wordpress.com/

Yours sincerely,

Mr Haston & Mrs McLean

P5/6 Class Teachers

A Quick Hello

Hi everyone, my name is Mr Haston and it’s a pleasure to introduce myself! I’ve just moved up from the central belt and I’m looking forward to exploring the Highlands as well as getting to know you all as the year progresses.

Just a quick couple of things to start off- it’s been a great week first of all getting to know the pupils and them with each other. We have PE on a Monday (and potentially Thursday- looking to confirm this going forward) so can the pupils please come to school wearing their PE kit underneath school attire- I believe this is the same system as last year. Secondly, just a reminder to follow both the class and school blog/news to keep up to date with all class and school information.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends, cheers!


Welcome to our new Primary 5/6 blog for session 2021/22. Each week we will update with information on the experiences the children have taken part in as well as adding class information and reminders. In the meantime, please remember to click ‘Follow’ on the right to get emailed updates of new posts. It is also important to link in with our school News page – https://202122gupsnews.wordpress.com/ and ‘Follow’ this also as this is where all main school information will be added throughout the year.